Our Team

We Are Guided By Our Pastors

The Pastoral staff team is led by the Lead Pastors. This team oversees the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church. These staff pastors serve the congregation and are responsible for the development of the spiritual life of the church. Believers who invest their resources into the church deserve to have confidence in their leadership.

Kyle & Anna Sadler

Lead Pastors

Shawn Nowell

NextGen Pastor

We Are Protected By Our Council

The Council are members of the congregation who assist the Lead Pastors in overseeing the finances and direct the provision of the facilities needed by the church. They provide counsel to the Lead Pastors regarding the major financial commitments of the church.

Pastor Kyle Sadler

Diana Adamire

Doug Delperdang

Gary Brownlee

Sarah Clendineng

Pastor Terry Davis

Our Oversight and Ministry Coaches

We Are Strengthened By our Oversight and Ministry Coaches. Our oversight comes from The Foursquare Church. Foursquare comes from a rich tradition of reaching people far from God with the good news of Jesus. Oversight is necessary to provide spiritual protection to the church.

Rev. Antonio Sims

Supervisor, Central District of Foursquare Churches

Ministry Coaches

Ministry coaches are appointed by Pastors Kyle & Anna Sadler. Even though they hold no governmental power in our church organization, they carry heavy spiritual and organizational leadership as they personally coach our lead pastors on a weekly basis. They are reputable leaders in their community and networks. Pastors Kyle & Anna consider these leaders to be their pastors and lean on them in times of difficulty and celebrate with them in the good times. These coaches will also speak at Victory Faith at least once a year and take time to pour into our leaders while they are in Fort Madison.

Pastor Kyle Mills

Founding and Lead Pastor Elevate City Church

Dr. Rev. Daniel K. Mundt

National Supervisor Coach, The Foursquare Church

Pastors Billy & Mandy Holden

Founding and Lead Pastors, Innovation Church