National Missions

We support starting new churches, helping grow existing churches, and resourcing churches in the United States.

We partner with the Association of Related Churches (ARC)

Starting new churches is the greatest way to reach people who are far from God with the life-changing message of Jesus. ARC has been starting life-giving churches in the United States since 2001 and recently launched their 1000th church.

Our family is The Foursquare Church

The primary way we reach our nation is by giving financially to The Foursquare Church, which is the denomination our church is chartered with. What we give to Foursquare is used primarily to help start new healthy churches around the United States, support existing churches, church health, and to resource local churches. Foursquare provides counseling and training support for its pastors as needed, as well as ongoing mentorship and ministry support from its leaders. In resourcing the local church, Foursquare provides children’s ministry curriculums, administration tools, and financial planning.